Ascendo System Z-F3

... Ascendo Z-F3!

Ότι θα επιθυμούσε κανείς από ένα ηχείο, αυτής της κατηγορίας, υπάρχει σε αυτό το ηχείο!

Περιγραφή του ήχου του με λέξεις όπως, διαφάνεια, "αέρας", δυναμικές, μπορεί και να υποτιμήσουν την αίσθηση που αποκομίζεις κατά τη διάρκεια της ακρόασης του!


"...The Ascendo System Z-f3s, in contrast, seduced me and made me smile. How much is a smile worth?..."

SoundStage...Jason Thorpe

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"...Ascendo offer the most balanced, comprehensive sound among all great speakers I mentioned before. Is it the best sound? It's not about sounding best. Serblin speakers, for example, differentiated mid- and low bass in a better way, Avalons offered smoother midrange, Hansens better extension of bass and bigger, deeper soundstage, and Avantgarde delivered more palpable, more dense sound. Each of these outstanding speakers has it's own distinct premeditated character – something you can easily point out. There is nothing to point out when it comes to Ascendo..." 

High - Wojciech Pacuła

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Εγχειρίδιο χρήσης


Τεχνικά χαρακτηριστικά:

Principle Three-way SASB- technology

Construction modular, low-resonance mounting of units
variable time-alignment for listener`s position between 50 cm and 190 cm over floor.

Material Low-Magnetic Stainless-Steel
sandwich construction of Bitumen and MDF

Dimensions 27 / 108,5 / 43 cm

Weight 43 kg

Power 500 W RMS (min.)

Impedance 5 Ohm

Sensitivity 89,5 dB/1W/m

High-Frequency Unit Driver: Ribbon Tweeter
Switch for high and low damping-factor of amp

Low-Frequency Unit Outer Chassis: 21cm, HPS diaphragm,
phase plug

Inner Chassis: 21 cm, Kevlar diaphragm
Switch for high and low damping-factor of amp

Connector Si / Bi / Tri-Wiring

Finish Piano lacquer: black / white

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